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LOBSTERFEST this Sunday! Featuring singer-songwriter Novie and the "KING of the Caribbean DJ's"!  DON'T MISS! For more info, click here.

Lunch Menu

Ballyhoo Bar & Grill                                                                                                       

Served From 11.30am – 2.30 pm

.... Appetizers ....

Bahama Conch Chowder

  A Sizzling hot Cup or Bowl of home made Conch Chowder  Cup  6.95    Bowl 11.95

Conch Fritters

  12 Conch Fritters deep fried with our traditional Marie Rose dipping sauce  10.95

Chicken  Quesadillas  

 Sliced Chicken with fresh vegetables, griddled and served with Tomato Salsa

 and Sour Cream   9.95

Lobster Quesadillas

 Bahama Lobster with fresh vegetables, griddled and served with Tomato 

 Salsa and Sour Cream   13.95  

Spicy Chicken Wings

 Marinated in our dry rub with celery and served with Ranch or 

 Blue Cheese Dressing   9.95

Cracked Conch Bites

 Bites of Cracked Conch Battered and deep Fried   10.95


Lobster Bites

  Bites of local lobster battered and deep Fried   12.95

Island Combo Sampler

 A sampling of Conch Fritters, Grouper fingers and  Lobster Bites   13.95

Coconut Shrimp

 Large Crispy Shrimp with Citrus mustard Sauce   13.95

Grouper Fingers

 Strips of Grouper lightly Battered deep fried and served with a Tartar                      

 and lime Dip    13.95

.... Salads ....

Choice of Salad Dressings:

 Thousand Island, Creamy Ranch, Blue Cheese, House Balsamic Vinaigrette, Ranch, Creamy Caribbean and Mango Poppy Seed

House Salad

Mixed Greens with Tomatoes, Red Onions, Cucumber, Sweet Pepper, Carrot

Small 7.95  Large 9.95

Add grilled or blackened Grouper, 10.00  Shrimp,  9.00  Chicken,   8.00  

Bluff House Cobb Salad

 Grilled Chicken, Apple smoked Bacon, boiled Egg, Cheddar Cheese and  18.00

Avocado (when in season) atop Salad Greens

Caesar Salad

Crisp Romaine Lettuce with Bacon bits, Parmesan Cheese and Crunchy Croutons

Small 7.95      Large 9.95

Add grilled or blackened Grouper, 10  Shrimp,  9.00  Chicken,   8.00  

Sweet Apple Pecan Salad

A chopped Salad with Baby Greens, crisp Apple slices, candied Pecans and crumbled Blue Cheese tossed in a Raspberry Vinaigrette  

Small 7.95      Large 9.95

Add grilled or blackened Grouper,  10.00  Shrimp,  9.00  Chicken,   8.00  

Tuna Salad Nicoise

 6 oz Tuna on a bed of Lettuce served with Mushrooms, Tomato, 

 Onion and Sweet Pepper  19.95

.... Sandwiches ….

Served with your choice of  French fries, Onion Rings, Coleslaw or small house salad


Grilled Mahi Mahi Provolone

 Served on a opened faced Ciabatta Bread, with Tartar sauce,

 Crispy Pancetta, Mushroom and Provalone Cheese  17.95

Grilled Grouper BLT

 Local Grouper served with Apple smoked Bacon,Tomatoes

 and Lettuce on Ciabatta Bread   17.95

Ballyhoo Club Sandwich

 Thin Slices of Ham and Turkey Between Toasted white or 

 whole wheat bread with Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and American Cheese 14.95

Grilled Chicken Wrap

 Grilled Chicken, Lettuce and Tomatoes topped with a 

 light Caesar dressing and wrapped in a Basil and Tomato Tortilla  13.95

Roasted Veggie Wrap

 Roasted Mixed Vegetables, Lettuce and Tomatoes Mixed with a Mayonnaise 

 and Ranch Dressing and wrapped in a Basil and Tomato Tortilla      13.95

Spicy Steak and Jack Cheese Melt

 Served on a Ciabatta Roll with grilled Onions and Portabello Mushrooms 14.95

Fish Tacos

 2 Soft Taco Tortillas stuffed with Onion, Sweet Pepper, Diced tomatoes, 

 Guacamole, Cheddar Cheese and Local Grouper. Sour Cream on the side  14.95

Chicken Cheese Melt

 Chicken Breast on a baked Baguette with grilled Onions and

 Portabello Mushrooms and melted  Jack Cheese    13.95

Toasted Ham or Turkey Sandwich

 Your Choice of white or Wholewheat bread    9.95

Sandwich and Chowder

 Half a ham or Turkey Sandwich and a cup of home made Conch Chowder   10.95

.... Burgers ….

Served with your choice of French fries, Onion Rings, Coleslaw or small house salad

Cracked Conch Burger

 Tenderized and lightly deep fried and served with sauce Marie Rose    4.95

Ahi Tuna Burger 

 Served with Mushrooms, Lettuce and Wasabi Mayonnaise   9.95

Grouper Burger

 Choose from fried, grilled or Blackened   16.95

Certified Angus Beef Burger

 Served with crisp Lettuce, Onion and Tomato                     13.95

 Add Cheese (Swiss, Cheddar, Blue or American) bacon, 

 Mushrooms or fried onions1.50 each

Grilled Chicken Breast Burger

 Boneless Breast of grilled Chicken Breast served with a Honey Mustard sauce. Choose Blackened or Barbecue Style  13.95  

.... Platters ….

Served with your choice of French fries, Onion Rings, Coleslaw or small house salad

Cracked Conch Platter

 Tender Conch lightly Battered and deep Fried    15.95

Grouper Fillet Platter

 Grouper fillet marinated in lime juice and lightly fried, grilled or Blackened 17.95

Cracked Lobster Platter

 Tenderized Lobster meat lightly battered and deep fried  19.50

Island Combo

 Grouper and Cracked Conch Lightly Fried and served with Tartar sauce

 and  Sauce Marie Rose          17.95

Additional Sides

Peas and rice  Coleslaw

French FriesOnion Rings

Fried PlantainsMac and Cheese5.00

.... Deserts ….

Chocolate Cake

 Three layers of chocolate sponge cake with a chocolate Ganache 

 filling and chocolate and whipped cream topping      6.95

Key Lime Pie

 Graham Cracker crust with a  lime cream filling and topped  with whipped cream 6.50

Coconut Cream Cake

 Layers of Vanilla Sponge cake filled with a homemade

 Coconut Cream filling and topped with freshly shaved Coconut   6.95

Carrot Cake

 Rich and moist and homemade       6.50


 Rich and Creamy Cheese cake6.95

…. Coffee and Tea ….


 Fresh Brewed Coffee – Regular or Decaffeinated and assorted Teas            2.25